My sister

A lot of post in my learning stages. Lol. As I work my way along this cancer journey, one of the biggest partners I have, after my wife, is my sister Sandi. My sister lost the love of her life to colon cancer a few years before either of them hit 40. Her journey through grief and turning her pain into strength as she become the most awesome single Mom was, and is, incredible to see. Now, she has taken that experience, bundled it with love, grabbed my hand and said “Jim, we’ve got this”. If I need research, she’s on Google before I can type the word. If I need someone to text or call at 3 am, she’s there (yes our mutual sleep issues do have a benefit). If I need someone to remind me to turn my eyes to Jesus – ALWAYS, she is there. My wife, my family, my friends – my village is large. But this journey would be very very different without Sandi.

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