How does it work?

Do you ever wonder how your body works? How do all of the organs, the joints, the heart and blood vessels, and everything else function so well together. Similarly, I wonder how cancer works and how it is coursing through me. How does it find the spot in my femur and then pick a spot on my fifth rib to attack? How does it find one spot, for now, in my liver to take hold? Why my lungs and not somewhere else? Is there a weak spot in these places where my cancer finds it easier to “take root” and then develop the strength to move on, much like how a garden grows? Or does my cancer believe it is king and can just go wherever it wants to wreak havoc with my body? How and why? And does every little pain I feel, those pains I used to discount, mean it’s working to attack that spot. Such a wonder and at the same time such a PITA!! #mystoryforHisglory

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