Faith makes giants small

My sister sent me this a few minutes ago — “when David faced Goliath he didn’t talk about how dangerous Goliath was – he talked about how great God is!! Don’t talk fear. Talk faith”. We all have something. Something that could stir up an incredible amount of fear in us. Will we let it. That is the question. Will we let it? My “something” is cancer – what’s yours? Do I cower? Do I run? Do I bury my head in the sand? No. No. No. I stare straight at cancer and yell, literally yell – My faith. My God. My Jesus is bigger than you. As I’ve said before – the one and only thing fear does is cripple ME, or YOU!! We have the Creator of the universe on our side. We have the Jesus who bore every sin and pain for us on our side. How can we fear? How can we run? Fear has no place in our world. During my multiple Drs visits and treatments I have talked to so many that live fear every waking moment. And you can see it. Their shoulders slump as they sit in the chair. Their hands lay folded in their lap. Their face shows the bewildered blankness of fear. Their eyes stare at the abyss of that pain. I want no part of that. I have Jesus walking beside me. I smile. I laugh. I joke. The nurses wonder. I tell them I have Jesus. Give it up. Throw your fear at Jesus. Watch as He crumples it into a ball. Throws it in the trash. Comes alongside. Drapes His arm on your shoulder. And travels this path with you. Always with you. #mystoryforHisglory

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