Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!

Those of you my age, or near, probably remember the Pat Benatar hit “Hit me with your best shot”. One verse says “You come on with the come on – You don’t fight fair – That’s okay, see if I care! – Knock me down, it’s all in vain – I get right back up on my feet again!”. As I travel this cancer path I am on – I close my eyes and scream those words to the devil. Think of Job, he lost everything – fortune, health, family – but he didn’t stumble in his love and trust for Jesus. I can sometimes hear Jesus saying – “Go ahead Satan, give Job all you’ve got, I am confident that Job will not turn from me”. That’s what I strive for – to hear Jesus say “Go ahead Satan, give Jim all you’ve got because I know Jim will not turn from me”. Sometimes I am saddened. Thinking, I can do this through cancer, could I do it through the rest of what Job experienced? No matter what comes our way. Storms. Sickness. Loss. Pain. Jesus – that is the one and only answer – Jesus. As those things attack me, I want to turn deeper into Jesus’ love. His strength. His power. So. Go ahead Satan. Hit me with your best shot. Because I’ll get right back up on my feet again.

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