Jesus Loves Me This I Know…

What a simple song. One we sang and loved as children. Every Sunday. Over and over and over again. But look hard. I have. Especially lately. “Jesus Loves Me This I Know For The Bible Tells Me So”. So simple. Yet so profound. It doesn’t say Jesus Probably Loves Me”. It doesn’t say “Jesus Loves Me When Everything Is Going Well”. It says “Jesus Loves Me”. Period. Simple yet oh so deep. Jesus loves without holding back. He didn’t love me when I was healthy, and kinda like me now that I have cancer. How can we turn away. How can we ignore. I know I never will. Jesus loves Me & I love Jesus. Forever. Period. How great the day when we assemble a choir in heaven. And begin to sing “Jesus Loves Me This I Know…” as we watch Jesus smile and nod Yes!!

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