Chemo comes!!

As we approach the weekend, I am well aware that August begins on Monday. What does August bring? For me Chemo. August 11th my Chemo treatments begin. I will sit in a chair for an hour or so as intense poison invades my bloodstream and ultimately my body. This poison is not to kill but rather to save. To search. To destroy. Every Cancer cell in my body. Every single one. Will it succeed? Will I lose my hair? Will I experience all of the possible side effects? Will I experience any? I don’t know. And truthfully, I don’t care. Really, I don’t. Worry is a different poison. I know if worry enters my heart I WILL experience side effects. Jesus has promised to take that weight from us. And He is good. Very good. What worry are you struggling with. What do you fear? Give it away. Give it to Jesus. He really will take it all. And you can have peace. I have too many blessings in my life to let cancer ruin it for me. Will it eventually take my life? I don’t know. But as I tell so many “My Worst Case Scenario Isn’t Too Bad”. I see Jesus, I see my Dad, I see Stef. I see so many others. Do I want to leave those I love here? NO. But I’m not afraid. #mystoryforHisglory

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