You’ve got a friend in me…

Toy Story. Cute little ditty. Then something comes into your life. Something that sucks the breath from your lungs. A gut punch. Cancer, divorce, the loss of a loved one. This list of traumatic life experiences is long. Then “You’ve got a friend in me” is the lifesaver tossed into the ocean that is trying to take you under. Grab hold. Find that friend. So many friends will be there for support. To encourage. To love. But find that special friend. That friend “closer than a brother”. Maybe they’ve gone through what you are going through or something similar. But something special draws you together. I now have 2. Less than 2 months before I started my cancer journey, a friend and person I do some business with, posted on FB his Prostate Cancer journey. I felt saddened. I hurt for him. Then, 2 months later it came home. I had Prostate Cancer. Stage IV. Incurable. I needed someone. I texted Mark. We met. We both wondered as we drove to meet for dinner how long before we would be talking about our boys playing HS football together. 3 hours later we were still wondering. We quickly discovered that the previous few years of knowing each other, was God preparing us for the depth of friendship that was to come. Mark’s friendship affected my journey. I had a bond with someone who could understand. Someone who could encourage. Someone who could pray. We meet regularly and 2 hours is a short dinner for us. God is definitely a part of this friendship. More recently, I reached out to Aaron. He had interviewed my sister on his podcast. He and I both spoke at my brother-in-law’s funeral 14 years ago. I ask questions about starting this blog. Immediately I felt his heart. I felt God through him. He occasionally texts “how can I pray for you today” or “how are you feeling today”. In a very short time I have seen a man that God has blessed touch my life. Mark Ramsey & Aaron Conrad are my blessings from God. When trouble enters your world, make sure you find yours. So that “you’ve got a friend in me” settles your world. Calms your fears. Gives you strength. Gives you peace.

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