I trust God – does that mean fear is a no-no…

Fear. What is it? I say I trust God – should I be afraid to be afraid. Fear is an emotion that many Christians and religious people struggle to admit when it’s in their world. Is God upset when we are afraid. When God is giving Joshua instructions and promises as Joshua is taking over leadership of the people of Israel – more than once God tells Joshua not to be afraid. Why 3 times? Did God sense Joshua was afraid? Or know he would/should be? Fear is a natural emotion – much like pain keeps us from further injury – fear can be a warning. Be careful. Be cautious. Guard yourself. The pivot point is – what do you do with it. If, as fear creeps in we let it paralyze us – we let it control irrational decisions – we let it cause us to do things to worsen that fear — Yes it’s wrong. But if we allow that fear to be the “dashboard warning light” and take our hearts to Jesus for a “tune-up”, then fear has done its job. Give it to God. All of it. I feel, maybe wrongfully so, that my entire lack of fear during my cancer journey is unusual. It’s very possible for anyone to experience that. But requires a complete hand off to Jesus. Not most of it – so we have a little control – but all of it. First admit fear. Do not be afraid to say you’re afraid. Just like physical wounds – if we try to hide it, it will likely worsen. Second, focus on bigger – no matter what your fear is about – there is always something in our world that is good. Third, give it to God and trust he knows how to handle it. Likely without fail, when we believe God hasn’t handled our fear – it’s because we felt the need to “hang on”. Keep a little bit. Make sure we maintain a little control – in case God can’t quite handle it. Get past it. No fear. Not one. Is too big for God. It’s about trust. Trust God with it. It’s the only way to experience “the peace that passes all understanding”. I have cancer. I don’t know the rest of my story. I know I gave it to Jesus. I know He took it. All of it. And I have that peace. That peace beyond belief. That peace that others struggle to understand. I want that same peace for you. And so does God.

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