Miracle – but not on ice

Anyone else remember the Miracle on Ice? The U.S. Hockey team in the 1980 Olympics. Facing insurmountable odds against the highly favored Russian hockey team – they didn’t back down. Didn’t give up. Didn’t lose faith. Pursued their dream with all they had to give. And won. Now, about another Miracle. Gary. Miracle. My intention was to post this after I meet Gary. An opportunity arranged by a friend of mine – Aaron. But, God isn’t letting me push it out of my mind. So after that experience, there will likely be an update post down the road. But back to Gary Miracle. For those of you, unsure who Gary is – take a break – clicks this link – watch the MercyMe song written about Gary. Then come back. Don’t forget to come back. Say I Won’t Now – let’s talk Gary. After entering the hospital January 1st, 2019 he left 107 days later. But Gary left with no legs and no arms. How many here could handle that, raise your hand – because you still have it. Would we yell at God? Would we give up? Or, like Gary, would you dig in. Trust God. Move forward. Gary can’t shake your hand without strapping on a device. Gary can’t stand to speak without strapping on a device. But does it stop Gary – No. Gary has strapped the arms & legs on and charged ahead. Gary is using his experience to reach people for Jesus. He doesn’t want pity. He wants your ears. To listen. He wants your heart. To follow. Jesus. How many of us could do that. How many could put aside the Anger. The Bitterness. The Fear. And use your experience to reach others. This is my hope. I have cancer. I will be treated. It may eventually take my life. I may be cured. I may be healed. Gary’s arms and legs were gone. Now. In an instant. No planning ahead. No looking for the best option. Gone. Now. I have cancer. I want to be a Gary. I want to use my journey to impact others. To share my journey. To eliminate fear. To point people toward Jesus. Thank you Gary for inspiring me. Thank you for your heart. For Jesus. To watch my friend, Aaron, interview Gary on his “Unscripted” podcast. Click this link. 1 hour and 12 minutes of that will change you. Aaron interviews Gary

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