Remember the Titans…

A football team. A HS football team. Different upbringings. Different skin colors. Attacks from the outside. A team. Unity. Fight together. Victory. The Titan football team stood together. And because of that the battle was won. They could hold that victory trophy and thrust it into the air. Remember the Suffering…. Football is a team sport. Life is a team sport. Don’t let those you love suffer alone. The battle is tiring and you pulling aside can provide the strength they need. God has given me an incredible village. Family – Friends – So many. Others that suffer often don’t have that. Step out of your comfortable circle and into theirs. Your comfort can become their strength. Don’t be afraid to ask. About them. About their journey. I know it can feel selfish to share. To burden others with my pain. But when I share it’s a release. When the village steps in the pain is lessened. The load is lighter. Sometimes a picture of a beautiful sunrise with a simple “prayed for you” can do wonders. Sometimes a quick text to an old classmate that you’re praying. A smile forms through the pain. Knowing others care. When my village reaches out. Things change. Find the suffering. Be their village. The Titans were victorious as a team. A team. Not alone.

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