It’s not just my battle – it’s ours…

Today. A break from my ramblings. Today I want to share my wife. Her thoughts. God knew I would need a special Jesus-loving woman to walk this path with me. And He gave me the best. Sure, tears have been involved. But, Debbie so trusts God. So understands that He is here with us. A very good friend of mine ask me “what does Debbie think, why doesn’t she share”. Yes she should. I asked Debbie to share a glimpse into where her heart and her mind have gone during our journey. So here is her take on this:

Marrying the greatest man God could have ever given me, a man that treats me like a woman should be treated and who loves my children and grandchildren like his own. I told God my plans are spending the rest of my life with him forever. Then one day we go to the doctor’s appointment he had, only to find out what was going on in his body and to hear my husband has Stage IV Prostate cancer thats incurable and has also gone to his bones and he has 5 years maybe 10 years to live. What?? I never want to question God but I did. So Jim did everything the doctors told him and he went in remission and got to ring the cancer bell 5 months later. Praise the Lord. But I still wondered why. Why Lord, why him, why me? I’m sure there are a lot of other people asking the same questions. I know God has a plan and you wonder why this way Lord? And He’s saying “why not Debbie?”. He said “I have a plan for you and Jim and it’s a good plan”. How selfish I was acting. I was ashamed because I do trust God and have read all of His promises in the Bible and I know what he has told me through His word. He knows we need each other and only 5 years together, celebrating our anniversary this past June, isn’t long enough I told the Lord. Did I cry? Yes I did almost every day because of the shock of it all. I just kept telling the devil that he’s a liar. No fear. Then over a year later we get an update the cancer has returned. What??? I had a very harsh talk to his cancer and said oh no not today or any other day Satan. Now I really can’t wait to see Gods plans for us. When God starts to work through us we are going to keep loving each other by telling each other even more how much we love each other, keep holding hands even longer , and making more and more memories and laughs together and even cry together. Why not cry? There is such a thing as happy tears and we will keep them coming. Like the song by Andre Crouch. “Through it all, through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus I’ve learned to trust in God. Through it all, through it all I’ve learned to depend upon his word”. I believe everything and every promise God has in his word and we’ve only just begun this new 2nd journey. We will be sharing our testimony which we have started and pray it blesses our friends and family like never before because we know we serve a very big God.

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