It’s Satan a** kicking time..

How do we handle struggles? How do we deal with pain? How do we deal with sickness. We will have it. Someone we know will have it. Sometime. Somehow. Life unfortunately brings stuff we don’t want. Don’t need. Inconveniences. But we have someone who wants to share our burden. Care for us. Love us. Walk with us. Comfort us. Jesus. He wants us to come to Him. Trust Him. Loving Jesus may not remove all bad things from our life. But dealing with unfortunate things that come into our life is different. So different. There is a peace. Understanding that we can get through this. Making us able to focus on our blessings. Satan wants the exact opposite. Satan feeds on our fears. Our pain. Our fear. Satan, on the other hand, is more than willing to help you understand how bad it is. How much worse it will get. How much pain we will feel. The fear that Satan brings will suffocate. The fear will stifle your growth. When bad things happen, give it to Jesus. You may still journey through the sickness, the pain. But your time will be different. Less negative. More focused on the good. Next time trouble comes just Kick Satan’s a** out of there. Out of your life. For good.

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