Brace yourself and prepare for a crash landing…

When was the last time that what life is throwing at you was too much? When was the last time you crashed? Yesterday. For me it was yesterday. But a portion of my village swooped in and rescued me. A time with family. A weekend full of good times. A weekend full of making memories. Crash. For me it brought an unexpected crash. One and a half years fighting. One and a half years being strong. Crash. The amazing weekend I’m sharing had unexpected results. Yesterday. Crash. I began to, for the first time, “hear” that IF my Drs are right, there aren’t a lot of these left. Our annual “Christmas in July” (or August). Maybe 5, maybe 3, maybe 1, maybe none. Left. Overwhelming. Crash. The emotions roared. The tears flowed. The village rose up. The village rescued. That is why we need support around. When a crash happens. And it will. When least expected. But your village. Your Jesus. Are near. To support. To lift up. To rescue. Refreshed. Re-strengthened. Revived. Saved. My crash was survivable. And I did survive. My village come in tight. Held me. Lifted my eyes toward Jesus. And because of it I survived. Don’t fight your battle alone. Don’t. Someday you will need someone. Probably when you least expect it. But you will. Make sure you have your rescuers in “Ready Reserve”. If you do – you will survive. I did.

2 responses to “Brace yourself and prepare for a crash landing…”

  1. We are with you in spirit, and I almost reached out yesterday, you were heavy on my mind for some reason: maybe fellow cancer connection or intuition 😞 Don’t lose heart, I know it’s hard, some days it gets too overwhelming and it’s too much, and those are the days you just need to throw it at Jesus feet. I’ve been praying for you so much, please keep me posted, Jim. Im here for you ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Mindy, you’ve been through this. Your heart means so much on my journey.


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