Crash survival rates..

As you read yesterday, I crashed. 1.5 years of living with cancer, with a fun family weekend we do every year created a fear. A fear that got to me. A fear that said “this could be your last one”. A fear that wrapped it’s ugly long fingers around my neck and started squeezing. But the village. My village. Came to my rescue. Those with me. A number of texts from my village. The pressure lightened. The fingers of fear lost their grip. I survived and I’m better for it. Seeing my village, my family, my Jesus rescue me. Incredible. Amazing. Please, if you are experiencing trauma in your life. Life threatening illness like I am. Marital concerns. Financial woes. So many other things. They can grab you and not let go. They can squeeze the spirit out of you. If you let them. If you push your village away. If you don’t have a village. Turn to Jesus. Build a village. I needed it. You need it. A friend that is part of my village sent this to me. Trust. Always trust. Your village has you. And even more. Jesus has you. Don’t fear the stumble. Fear the not getting back up. Listen to this. Close your eyes and hear the words. Lauren Daigle “Trust”

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