Listen. Listen to your body. Pay attention. Men – listen to yours. Women – make sure your men are listening to theirs. Yes, a PSA (Public Service Announcement) on PSA. Don’t ignore the signs. I did. Mostly because I didn’t know. As I ordered numerous supplements that were advertised to “cure urinating problems”, I kept thinking “I need to ask my Dad why he didn’t tell me about these getting old things”. So I waited. I pushed through it. Then. Too late. Stage IV Prostate Cancer. Incurable. 5 years to live. Because I waited. Too long. Don’t be a “Jim”. See a Doctor. Call me. Just do something. Then, find that friend that’s heard the same thing. You will need him. Or in my case – them. Your support friend. Your support group. But don’t ignore the signs. I’m proof that “you can wait too long”. One little blood test, 6 months earlier, could have shown. Could have help. Could have lessened what I’m going through. I don’t want this for you. No matter how positive. How much faith. How great of a village. I have. It’s not fun. The poking. The prodding. The surgeries. The pills. The Chemo. No – not fun. So men, as you age. As you feel different things going on in your body. Don’t be a “Jim”. Make that appointment. Just – Do – It!!

2 responses to “PSA on PSA…”

  1. Mindy Moreland Avatar
    Mindy Moreland

    It’s def a man thing….my JP ignored his mitral valve prolapse until one morning he woke up and couldn’t breath: his valve completely broke and he was in congestive heart failure 💔 Open heart surgery fixed it, but ditto what you said. If something feels off, don’t ignore it!!!! Early diagnosis for ALL cancers makes a difference like night and day 🥺


  2. Jim, I copied and pasted this PSA to my Facebook and many are praying for you who know you and many have expressed their gratitude for the reminder.


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