T minus 24…

Slightly over 24 hours to go before Chemo treatment #1. How will it go? How will I feel? Will I be nauseous after? Will, during the course of my 6 treatments over 18 weeks, I experience any of the other possible side effects? Some hair loss? Some neuropathy? Some of my finger nails turning blue? Etc? Which ones? Any? None (about 20% experience very little on the side effect menu)? Do I care? Not really? I’m not hoping to experience any, but this powerful poison they will be injecting into me has a mission. A very important mission. To rid my body of the cancer that seeks to devour from the inside. Side effects may unfortunately be part of the journey. So do I want them? NO. Do I understand I may experience some? YES. I trust my Dr’s wisdom and expertise to design the perfect treatment for me. I trust Jesus to take it from there. For me – the reward far outweighs the risk. And my support group. My village. Is here. Already offers of “If you need anything”. My Jesus, my wife, my children, my family, my sister Sandi, my sister Sharon, my “brother in this journey” Mark, my neighbor, so many others. I’ve got a bigger army on my side than cancer has on it’s. So the battle my be intense. The struggle may be mighty. But as I look to my “army” there is no need for fear. So there will be no fear. Yesterday would have been my brother-in-law Stef’s 52nd birthday. 14 have been celebrated “FOR him but WITHOUT him”. But Stef was a gallant warrior during his battle. Brave. Fearless. He encouraged those around him during his entire battle. I want to be a Stef. Brave. Fearless. Strong in battle. And to honor Stef I will cross the finish line. Raise my arms to heaven. One finger pointing to Jesus. One finger pointing to Stef. In glorious victory!!

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