Chemo Day is here…. so “Be Still and Know”

This morning I’m drinking coffee from a gift. A coffee cup given to me by family last week. On the cup? “Be still and know” Psalm 46:10. -Be Still And Know That I Am God – “Be still” does not mean “sit down and shut up”. BE STILL. Be still is the calming of your heart. Calming of your fears. My heart. My fears. BE STILL. God’s got it. God’s always got it. Yesterday and this morning have been big. Calls. Texts. Messages. Of encouragement. Of love. All special. All important. Our dear friends had us for dinner last night. To love on us. To encourage. And Joel prayed over me as tears formed in all eyes. My sister, Sandi, sends me this today. Love. Encouragement.

And yesterday, a very special friend sends this.

Love. Encouragement. Poured out. I do not fight this battle alone. Jesus and my village are here. With me. Fighting toward victory. Together. Fear has been erased. Worry has been crushed. Today’s Chemo treatment is but one step in OUR march toward the finish line. Toward victory. Toward the prize. Toward the raising of the trophy. BE STILL AND KNOW.

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