In my chair..

My Chemo process has started. IV. In. Blood. Drawn. Meeting with Doctor. ✔️. Waiting for blood labs to verify starting the drug process. Once cleared the Pre-Chemo drug injection. 30 minutes later the real stuff goes in. Poison. Seeking to destroy the cancer seeking to destroy me. This morning. All morning. I’ve been overwhelmed. The texts. The videos. The everything. The tears. Not tears of fear, but tears of joy. I’m definitely not alone. I put it this way to my Dr. when he asked if I understood what I was about to go through. “So I’m thinking I was playing HS football and now I’m going straight to the NFL”. He said “Yes, and you’re playing The Patriots”. This is real. This is big. But I, my wife, my Jesus, my family and my village – Have This. Totally. #mystoryforHisglory

From a close friend today:

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