Warning – warning – warning

Those of old enough to remember the TV show “Lost in Space” with the robot that regularly said warning – warning – warning. Here is mine “warning – warning – warning” again. Built on my Doctors information during my visit yesterday during the Chemo process. I hope to prod and encourage men to follow up if they have issues, and if needed scare men into it. Nobody put this where I could read it. Nobody. I wish. I really really wish. Here’s the Dr’s visit you don’t ever want to have. “We are hopeful this Chemo will work for 6 cycles, 1 cycle every three weeks”. Hopeful. Maybe. “If it loses its effectiveness or if after this round more Chemo is needed, we have two others we can move to”. Wow. Let’s keep the poison flowing. Into my body. “Once those have run their course, if you are as healthy otherwise as you are now, I know of a couple clinical trials I could possibly get you into”. If. If you’re healthy. Possibly. “And medically speaking, since you have a rare “Castration Resistant” form of Prostate Cancer I “doubt” you’ll see 65 and “pretty sure” you won’t see 70”. What? I’m 61 now. 65? 70? “But, with the way you’re body has handled this so far, your excellent health otherwise, the fact that you never experience any ill feelings from it, your my patient I would most expect to be at the top end”. Yippee. I didn’t know whether to dance or not. I did tell him “Thank you for you honesty, it doesn’t change the fact that I have a Jesus who from the day I was born knew when my last day would be, thank you for getting me there”. -His eyes told me he hadn’t heard that from a patient before.- Did Debbie and I cry when I got home. Yes. Is our faith in God as strong as ever? Yes. Do we worry? No. Do we fear? No. Will every – single – moment we have left together be meaningful? Yes. And we continue to fully believe God has a reason for this. Something He needs to use Debbie and I for. Someone that needs to hear what we are saying. So men, listen – trust your bodies. Someday you may thank me for it.

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