Each day – another step – but how..

Is there sadness in Debbie & I’s journey. Yes. Tears sometimes. Yes. While at the same time there is… Hope. Joy. Total lack of worry. Total lack of fear. How? Why? Because a number of years ago, both Debbie & I found the meaning of the song below. Personally. For us. God cared so much, that if I – yes just I – am wandering He comes to find me. If He is willing to do that – how can He want me to suffer – possibly die before “I” think I should? Because everything – everything-single-thing – He does with ME on his mind. I don’t have to worry – so why should I take that pain. I don’t have to fear – so why should I take that misery on? I don’t have to and I won’t. Again, I know I’m important to God. And so are you. No matter what we are going through. God cares. Jesus loves. Always. Because everything He does is “With Me On Your Mind”! Me. You. All. Are on His mind. Because He cares. Always cares. Wants us to unload our burdens. Our fears. Our worries. Our pain. On Him. That’s how He shows His love – while we demonstrate our trust in Him. Listen. Close your eyes. Hear the words. Know. He cares. A lot. Just click here >. With Me On Your Mind

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