What if…

What if I woke up tomorrow and my cancer was gone. 100% completely gone. Doctor head-scratchin’, friend not believin’ gone. How would I be different? Would I change? I think on so many fronts, that answer is YES!! What I can do would change. Planning for my future would change greatly. Yes, many things would change. But will some things stay the same? I hope so. The new value I place on life. Hope that doesn’t change. The new way I enjoy every second I can spend with my wife. I hope that doesn’t change. The new way I don’t take family get togethers for granted. I hope those things don’t change. Some of who we become when we think “that final date” has been placed on is, is good. Maybe great. In some ways we become who we should be. “Slow down”. Stop and smell the roses”. “Spend time with them while we can”. So many phrases. So many actions. Telling. Showing. Who we should be. How we should be. A song from the past by Harry Chapin. “Cat’s in the Cradle”. Tells the story of a father who was too busy with life for his young son. As the song nears the end we find as the father has aged – the young son is now too busy for him. Slow down. Make time. “Someday” will be too late. Only “now” is assured. Only “now” is guaranteed. Use it. Live. Love. Laugh. Enjoy. I don’t know. You don’t know. No one knows – how many “now’s” we have left. Don’t let them get away.

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