Chemo or bust….

Chemo. Good? Bad? Yes. Chemo is often described as “the treatment that’s worse than the disease it’s treating”. True. Maybe. Maybe not. The possible side effects for the Chemo drug I’m on can be daunting. Nausea. Hair loss. Neuropathy. Nails turning blue. Headaches. Change in taste. Change in smell. Chest pain. Chills. Weight gain. Unusual bruising. Etc. Etc. Etc. About 30 others. Long list. My cancer has only one side effect that I can think of. Death. It can, and will, try to kill me. So…help me here. Help me weigh my option. Nausea or death. Hair loss or death. Aches and pains or death. Again. Etc. Etc. Etc. This battle demands strength. This battle demands commitment. This battle demands sacrifice. I can sit in the stands and watch this battle from the sidelines. Hoping for the best. A miracle. A cure. Or I can give it every ounce of fight I’ve got. Experience some side effects. Suffer through. All in an effort to win. To beat this ugly life-taking POS. I read this recently: “Cancer is a fight to the death. Either you kill it or it will kill you. Get ready for a brawl!” I love too many people. Too many people love me. A wife that wants me beside her. A Jesus that I adore. A Jesus that loves me. Not to fight. Not to sacrifice. Not to win. So win it will be!!! My knees will be worn from ever giving this battle to Him. Listen. Now. >The Battle Belongs to You! #mystoryforHisglory

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