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How often do we wonder why? Why me? Why now? Too often when we are in the midst of trials or tribulations. In the middle of bad things happening. We forget. We overlook. That God sees a bigger picture than we do. He sees today, every day that’s ever been and every day that will ever be. At one time. So while what we are going through right now seems big. To us. To God it’s part of the whole story. He knows how we will use our story for good. He knows everyone we will touch by sharing our story. He knows who I will help. Who you will help. Because we’ve gone through this. There may be one-single-person that needs to know what you’re experiencing. Or there may be many. We don’t know. But God does. As God shapes and molds our lives, often there are these circumstances. Circumstances we hate to go through. Circumstances we would “give anything not to be in”. But God not only knows why. Knows who will need to hear this someday. He also loves us and won’t give us more than we can handle. Cancer. 5 years ago. 10 years ago. 15 years ago. I’d have said “No way could I handle Cancer”. Never. But guess what. I can. I am. And I’m always looking for the opportunities to share that Jesus brings. To share. To touch. To comfort. To love. Opportunities that may never have come if I wasn’t going through this. So, as I’ve said before – am I glad I have cancer, NO!! But since I do – will I always be looking for chances to help others through their pain, YES!! Today, tomorrow, yesterday. All very small portions of Us. Who we are. Who we are becoming.

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