Over the river and through the woods…

How many of us think our life should be the top picture. Easy. No problems. Easy-Peasy. I think most hand are up. High up. How many of us actually see our life as the bottom picture. Hands higher. Every hand. “How come it “always” happens to me?”. “Why not them, they “deserve” it?” We have all of the phrases we need to express how this shouldn’t be happening. “I tithe”. “I go to church”. “I’m a good person”. “They are worse than me”. True. Maybe. But maybe, just maybe, God knows you will use what you learn from your trials for good. To better yourself. To help others. To praise God. And. They. Won’t. Next time trials some – sickness, misfortune, tough circumstances – ask. Ask God. What not why. No more “Why me”. Rather “What are You teaching me?”. “What do You want me to learn?”. “How will I be able to help others with this?”. Then the trials have purpose. A reason. Maybe not easy. But knowing the future good – bearable. I try every-single-day to thank God for “trusting” me with my journey. Because He knows I can handle it. And He knows I will try to help others through it. Then. And only then. Tolerable. Bearable. Even joy-filled. Trials.

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