I call this meeting to order…

Today begins an exciting weekend for me. Let’s call it a “village get-together”. Beginning this morning – breakfast with Aaron, early lunch with Jay (and Andrea), late lunch with Bob, quick visit with Mom, dinner (and lots of weekend time) with Kristen, Marc & the kids, breakfast Saturday with Sandi & the girls, church Sunday with Sandi & the girls, lunch with Sandi & all of her kids. This is my. Recharge. Refresh. Restore. Weekend. Lots of time with people I draw strength from. People that walk this journey with me. There will be. Laughing. Smiling. Hugs. Tears. Sadness. Joy. Love. But there will be us. My team. I’m sure I will fly home Sunday evening with a weary body but a fully recharged heart. A renewed spirit. A strengthened will. Because these are – my people. my team. my village. Every person dealing with adversity needs a team. A team like I have. Find them. They will. Encourage. Help bear the burden. Refresh. Shed tears. Shout joy. Pray. This journey would be. Different. Very different. Without them. This weekend I smile. Because God has given me the “A” team. I do not fight alone.

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