Collect. Beautiful. Moments…

A small decoration as I visited my daughter’s this weekend. Simple. Powerful. True. No matter where we are in life. This is true. Sometimes we get so focused on getting up from bed in the morning and making it back to bed at night. We forget. To “stop and smell the roses”. Take time. To build moments with family. To build moments with friends. To build moments with those we love. Everlasting Moments. Pictures. In our mind and our phone. We then remember the time. We then remember the person. Once in a while, someone finds the courage to ask “how’s it feel when the Dr tells you that you have a very few years left?”. Here’s. How. It. Feels. Like there is not enough time to build moments. With my wife. With my kids. With my grandkids. With my family. With my friends. So I focus on every opportunity that comes to make that moment. Make that picture. So my question back would be “Why Wait?”. If we think we have 5 years. 10 years. 20 years. 50 years. Collect – Beautiful – Moments. Now. Always. As we enjoy those moments together now. We build that “moment album” that will always keep that person with us. If they move far away. If we see them less often as life happens. If they pass away. Beautiful moments are forever. Beautiful moments are peace. Beautiful moments wrap us in love. So Today. Tomorrow. Next week. Collect- Beautiful – Moments. Fill your mind. Fill your phone. Fill your heart. We will never regret. Beautiful Moments.

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