On your mark…get set…praise Jesus…

The Christian band -MercyMe – has a song called “Even If”. This song is powerful. Strong. Real. No matter what I’m going through. No matter what you are going through. My most gripping lines are the chorus:

I know God could touch me now. Tomorrow. The next day. And I would be healed. Instantly. Completely. He can do the same. But what if He doesn’t in MY time. What if He doesn’t EVER. Do I turn away? Do I give up? Jesus owes me nothing but has given me so much. The list is long. Very. Very. Long. So…He could. One word. All of my cancer gone. But maybe His plans for me aren’t finished. Maybe He knows someone else needs to hear my story. Even just one single person. Then this is worth it. Someone I love. Someone I know. Someone I haven’t met yet. God knows. So…my hope will forever remain in Jesus. Until then, this is one of my fav songs. Listen. Believe. Put your hope in Jesus. All of it. Play – Even If

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