I saw this yesterday. WoW!! Jesus knew what was coming. Jesus DIDN’T come up with a “bucket list”. Jesus served. I’ve had a few people ask “is their anything you’ve always wanted to do? Something on your bucket list that you plan to do?” I think for a minute and often come up with an answer – off my “bucket list”. Do you know what my answer has never been? “I want to serve. And serve more”. Yup. Haven’t added that to my “bucket list”. Yet. Serving is loving. Serving is caring. Serving is showing Jesus in us. There is not a thing wrong with a “bucket list”. Things I, or you, want to experience while we still can. Nothing. Wrong. But now I know my list will have “washing feet” things added to it. My bucket list will have “me” things on it but it will also have “you” things. So my list can have “riding the Coast Starlight Train”. My list can have “taking a cruise to Europe”. And….my list can have “serve in a food line at a homeless shelter”. My list can include “help distribute toys to less fortunate children at Christmas”. Jesus knew the end would come. Soon. But He served. He always served. Looks like it’s time for some new list-making.

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