God says He loves me, but now…

Have you ever been in a spot. A situation. Where doubting God seemed like the easiest. The best. Thing to do? “How could you do this to me?” Why did you do this to me?” How can you say you love me?” Easy. Very easy. To get swept up into the blame game. Health problems. Blame God. Financial problems. Blame God. Relationship problems. Blame God. Maybe. Just maybe. God isn’t to blame. Blaming God is usually the result of pain. Frustration. Anger. Putting the blame somewhere will bring relief. Or so we think. “Blaming God” should never be an option. God doesn’t cause this trouble you and I are going through. God didn’t “wake up one morning” and decide it was time for Jim to “have 5 years left”. When we go through trouble. Whatever it may be. Rather than blaming God, we want to draw even closer. Take our relationship with Jesus deeper. He is Peace. The Living Water. Comfort. Our Healer. Our Rock. I tell so many that I can’t imagine my journey without God beside me. I need others too. My wife. My children. My sister. My family. My friends. But most of all – I need my Jesus. No fear. No worry. Because Jesus is willing to carry it for me. The only way out of our suffering is with Jesus. So let’s stop the blame game. Now.

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