Hair today…gone tomorrow

So yesterday morning, I’m going through my normal get ready for work routine. After doing my hair – I look down – and what did I see – eight tiny reindeer? — nope – eight tiny hairs in the sink. What!! Whose are those? Are those mine? I clean them up and figure the hair loss process has begun. By evening – although I still have almost all of it left – I can lightly grasp a few hairs between my thumb and first two fingers. Very gentle – very gentle – pull. And there sit 10-15 hairs still resting between my thumb and fingers. Looks like years of the barber complimenting me on my thick hair. About. Over. Do I care? Not really. Just wondering if I can pull the bald look off as well as a few guys I know. Those years of wondering if I have any weird skull bumps. About to find out. Truthfully though, if losing my hair keeps me around. Goodbye hair. See ya later. I have friends that struggle with a lot more than hair loss. So, how can I honestly grieve a few strands of salt and pepper hair. How. I can’t. My world – my journey – my story is more than hair deep. This involves Jesus so taking my fears and worry that this side-effect of Chemo will not deter my forward march. Will not lessen my resolve to fight. Fight. Fight. I’ll lose some hair. I’ll be tired – very tired. Sudden impact could fracture bones – yes a couple more ribs yesterday through a freak thing. But guess what. I went to bed. I woke up this morning. And Jesus is still beside me. My wife, my children, my sister and my friends are still walking with me. Not bad, right!! Not bad!!

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