No Matter What…

Watch this ➡️ No Matter What – Jordan St. Cyr

My sister, Sandi, shared this video with me after reading my post from a couple of days ago. Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head. It says it simply – but oh so well. No – Matter – What. When we think the mountain is too big to move. When we think the problem is too big. “But you’ve always been there for me – Even now I trust you’ll get me through”. Jesus is always ready for us. To ask. For help. He will rush in, at a moment’s notice, to rescue us. To save us. To walk with us. As we’ve talked – this may or may not mean the problem is 💯% gone. But manageable, very manageable – at least. Debbie & I invited Jesus on my “cancer walk”. He joined us. All-in. Is my cancer gone? No! Is my journey so much better – Yes!! No fears. No worries. Peace. Confidence. The all-enveloping warmth of knowing Jesus is here. Right beside me. Strapping on the armor for battle – right beside me. A war shield that is so large that as he raises it against the enemy – there is room. Room for me to be there. Always protected. By that shield. God’s shield. So always know. Always remember. No Matter What God Has Us. Forever. Just ask. Go ahead just ask. He is waiting.

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