Week over….

This week. Viewed from the outside looking in, I’m sure I could receive lots of pity. This week. Multiple cracked ribs received ✔️. Hair begins falling out from Chemo ✔️. It’s real. Sometimes it’s very real. But I woke up this morning. I sit here drinking coffee. I’ll eat breakfast. I’ll go out to eat tonight with friends. Lots of good things to experience. I have a close friend who lost her son this week. Never to wrap her arms around him again. Never to look into his eyes and say “I love you”. But I’m breathing. I’m alive. She has begun the sad “year of firsts”. One year of each – and – every special day being celebrated without him – For The First Time. Sadness. Pain. Heartache. But I’m breathing. I’m alive. So, I could get caught up in self-pity. Not. I could withdraw from the world I love. Not. I will enjoy every day that Jesus allows me to awaken. I will enjoy every breath Jesus allows me to take. Whether it’s 100 more or 1,000,000 more. Each breath valuable. Each breath savored. Each breath renewing. So this will not defeat. Broken ribs – put a wrap on, take some medicine – move on. Hair falling out – beat Chemo to the punch (Head shave appointment Monday). This life I love is way too good to give up on. Jesus has blessed in too many ways to count. Let’s be positive today. Let’s all be positive. Let’s be encouraging today. Let’s all be encouraging. Let’s love today. Let’s all love.

I dedicate this to TT. I love you and pray for you in your new journey of grief. God is good. God is always good. Always. Touch here to listen ➡️ When We Fall Apart

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