Carpe diem…

It’s funny. I awoke this morning with one of my first thoughts being “Well one more night sleeping with hair”. Yup. Monday at 4:15. “The Shave” happens. For me it’s become symbolic in my battle. A close friend, Phyllis, offered that I should be the one who decides when and how I lose my hair. Not random clumps over time. Not an annoying and discouraging process over days and weeks. When I say so. How I say so. Carpe diem. Seize the day. So Chemo seeks to spread it over an agonizing number of days or weeks. I choose to spread it over a matter of minutes. 60. Great head of hair to bald in 60. 60 minutes of me taking control. This is a small example of how we can take charge of the Trauma we may have in our lives. Don’t let it run us – but rather we run it. We have Jesus beside us. Along with a large number of friends and family on our side. We have the Power. The Support. The Team. We don’t have to let it control us. As Debbie and I had dinner Thursday evening with my “friend closer than a brother”, Mark, and his wife Lisa. I related how Monday at 4:15 it’s “Goodbye Hair”. Mark, without hesitation, immediately pulled out his phone. Opened his calendar. Said “I’ll be there for you”. Tears. More tears. Could I do it alone. Of course. But Mark. My team. Won’t let that happen. He’s saying “We are in this together”. My sister Sandi called Friday. Asked if she could pay the barber’s cost. More tears. Could I afford it. Yes. But Sandi is saying “We are in this together”. So many have said “you will rock it”. “You’ve got this”. Seriously. Think about it. If my team. My village. My support. Comes alongside over a haircut, how much more they will be there for the bigger things. Don’t do your battle alone. Call on Jesus. Family. Friends. Let them in. Share your journey. Lean on them. Cry with them. Celebrate with them. Just make sure you have them. Oh, and #baldisbeautiful just seems appropriate right now.

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