He won’t…

Christ is my firm foundation
The rock on which I stand
When everything around me is shaken
I’ve never been more glad
That I put my faith in Jesus
‘Cause He’s never let me down
He’s faithful through generations
So why would He fail now?
He won’t

Church. Yesterday. This song. “Firm Foundation” by Maverick City. Reminded why I love this song. Why hearing it live, by Maverick City or yesterday by our church worship team, brings chills. Brings truth. Brings real home. Because these words – the words of this amazing song – tell why I don’t fear my cancer. Don’t fear my future. Because “He won’t” let me down. “He won’t” fail me. “He won’t” stop loving me. No matter how my journey. My path. My world. Looks to me. God is here. God is beside me. God carries me when I’m too weak. He cares – about me. And “He won’t” let me go. Knowing this – makes any worry or any fear from me worthless. Not needed. So many times. During so many of my various treatments. I close my eyes. I “see” Jesus there. Sometimes He has me cradled in His arms. Sometimes, as the needle pierces my skin, I see Him gripping my hand in His. And the tear that finds it’s way down my face is “tattooed” with “He won’t”. I am reminded. Again. That God is here. He’s always here. And He won’t. He won’t. He won’t – let me go! Listen now ➡️ Firm Foundation – Mav City

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