Let’s Get Ready to Rumble..

Tomorrow morning. Round 2. Chemo. Another dose of poison injected. Poison with a purpose. To kill cancer while, hopefully, doing very little to everything else in it’s way. Round one – I survived. Tired. Sometimes pure exhaustion. Taste bud changes. A few other issues. But I made it through. I’m praying Round two is similar – while also praying for evidence in my tests that some success in this fight will already be evident. Maybe my PSA has stabilized. Maybe my PSA has even begun to slide lower already. Good signs. Watching for good signs. The support I have is so amazing. So refreshing. So encouraging. Family & friends that encourage. Pray. Support. Walk alongside. Last evening we had dinner with some amazing friends, Joel & Shelly. – We even planned an Alaskan cruise for 2023. – We will not let cancer stop us. We will fight with every ounce of fight we have. And we will continue to live. We will continue to use this time to use the story Jesus has given us to glorify Him. Another amazing friend sent me this on Sunday:

Read that again. Satan is ready to celebrate our defeat. Our failure. Our “giving up”. So we won’t. The only time we will bow our head is when we are asking God for continued strength. For continued love. For continued blessings. – And God answers. God always answers.

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