Chemo day is here…

Oddly enough, I look forward to Chemo day. Weird, right?!?! I look forward to it for a number of reasons. A big one is because it means my journey toward health and healing is still moving forward. Another, maybe bigger, one is I get to Feel the Love. Feel the Warmth. Feel the Support. Jesus – Debbie – Incredible Family – Incredible Friends. Arms wrapped around me. Supporting. Encouraging. Loving. I truly can’t imagine this journey without my “team”. My heart is more full than I ever expected. Leaving zero room for fear. for worry. for loneliness. Last night, at a work dinner prior to me heading out of town for a couple of weeks, my son Andrew showed me a Prostate Cancer Run/Walk event he found. He found! His suggestion – we need to form a team and do this. WoW!! I had to be the “boss” in the meeting while holding the tears at bay. That is what I experience. So many alongside. So many allowing me to draw strength from them. Strength I need. Strength I cherish. Jesus is my Rock. Sooo many others make up that “home” I’ve built upon that rock. My hugs. My Thank-you’s. My tears. Will never. Never. Fully show what each and every one of you mean to me. #mystoryforHisglory

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