My wrist story..

Yesterday, as I sat for almost 4 hours during my Chemo treatment. Time to think. Time to reflect. Time to be thankful. My Dr was happy with my progress. Awesome to hear. I had time to reflect on this journey. From the start until now…. How amazing it’s been because. Because I have a Jesus who loves me and holds me. Because I have Debbie, the strongest wife ever. Because I have Sandi, my amazing sister who has used the tragic loss of her husband to cancer 14 years ago to be there. For me. I know she hurts, but she overcomes to pour strength into me. My “friend stronger than a brother” Mark and his wife Lisa. Always encouraging. Always. Always loving. Always. My family. My incredible family. I couldn’t ask for better during this time. And friends. So many. The love. The prayers. The dinners together. The encouragement – at just the right time. I find tears flowing occasionally, because – so much more than I could have ever expected. And I looked down to my wrists. The story that I strap on every morning.

My left wrist. First the Cross. Always reminding me how different this would be without Jesus. – Then “God Is In Control”. Always. I don’t need to try to figure this out. Or worry. Or fear. God “has my back”. – Then “Praise You In This Storm”. My favorite Casting Crowns song. Always reminding me to praise Him. No matter the storm.

My right wrist. First. “Stand Strong”. Always. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. This battle needs strength. – Next “Strong Enough”. Meeting Matthew West at a concert, I shared my story. During the show, he asked me if he could share it. Then he did. The whole story. And then dedicated “Strong Enough” to me. I’m reminded that with Jesus – I am Strong Enough. Oh, and the white one – a beautiful gift from Levine Cancer Center.

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