What did I do wrong…

When things look bad. Really bad. Nothing going right. Nothing. What is your reaction. What is your thought. Is it ever “What did I do wrong?” “Why me and not them, they deserve it.” I have cancer. According to the medical world, “maybe 5 years to live”. Maybe. That’s looking bad. Really bad. I have yet to consider either of those thoughts. Those are self-defeating thoughts. Those are negative thoughts. When things are bad. When things look bleak. We do not need negativity. We need exactly the opposite. Positive. Encouragement. Love. We need to ask Jesus “what are you trying to teach me?” “how can I use what I’m going through to help others?” “Support others?” “Minister to others?” That’s when healing begins. True healing. Sometimes healing is deeper than fixing our problem “Right Now”. “Today”. What if someday I do succumb to this horrible disease? Will years of shaking my fist at God? Screaming “Why Me?” to God? Wishing this on someone else. Help? No. What will help? Wrapping my journey up. Gifting others with what I’m going through and how great Jesus has been to me. To Debbie. That will help. Showing others that God can and will give us the strength. That will help. Jesus has given me a story. A very powerful story. Sharing. Telling. That’s my purpose. That’s my goal. That’s my mission. Won’t you take what you’re going through. Pick it up. Join me. Let’s look outward. Help others. Together. You and me. I’m in!!!

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