Is there time…

4-5 years. My Doctor’s guess on my remaining years here on earth. Using medical statistics. Although I believe Jesus will blow that “guess” out of the water, let’s use that for now. How big is my “to-do” list. My “bucket” list. Do I take what I thought I had 25-30 years left to do and cram it into 5? Or do I have to prioritize? How many “things” can I knock off my bucket list? Are there other things to do? Are there relationships that need to be healed? If those aren’t healed, will I ever see those people again? How much time is enough? How much time is too little. How big are my lists? What about you? You may have a lot more time left than I do. Maybe. Maybe not. Will you wait. Until time is less. Maybe not enough. Time. Once our “eyes close for that last time”. Over. No more fixing. No more doing. No more anything. Here. So what’s important. To me? To you? What will we use our energy for? However much time we have left. For things “I” want to do. To experience? Make more memories? Impact more people? Help relationships heal? It’s all important. How do we decide? How do we know? I’m sure at the “end”. Some items will remain on my lists. Or your lists. Things not done. I believe my biggest list will be things I can’t even get to. Weddings of my grandchildren. Seeing great-grandchildren born. Do I think of those things occasionally? Yes. Do I worry? No. Do I fear? No. Let’s make the best of it. Starting today. Enjoy life. Enjoy family. Enjoy friends. Touch lives. Impact people. Believe me when I say “Life is too short”. #mystoryforHisglory

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