Don’t fear the tear…

Pain. Hurt. Loss. What do we do. How do we handle it. How strong do we have to be. I say “Don’t Fear The Tear!!”. When we get something in our eye – what happens. Tears. Why? To cleanse. To remove something causing discomfort. Pain. If these tears that God made can be such a relief – why can we be so afraid of them. Cleansing. Relief from pain. In our heart. The same tears that clean that dirt caught in our eye – cleanse us. Wash away grief. Wash away pain. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing. Again “Don’t Fear The Tear!”. As life causes discomfort. Hurt. Pain. We need a way. To cleanse. To dilute the pain. Tears. Sometimes many tears. God’s gift when we hurt. Shortly after my cancer diagnosis, I came across a newer song by an artist I enjoy. “When We Fall Apart” by Ryan Stevenson. My daughters were visiting in Charlotte. I had to play this new song. I had to. I pulled up YouTube on the TV. Started the song. I was emotional as I said “this is the perfect song for Sandi and Stef”. My daughter said “Dad, this is you!” It hit me. We held hands. Listened again and again. And cried. Big cleansing tears scrubbed us. Our hurt came home. Our fears came home. And God’s refreshing water, tears, washed. Cleansed. Renewed. The chorus is amazing. Read it.

Simple words. Wonderfully put together. To tell us. To teach us. To remind us. “Don’t Fear The Tear!” Here listen to the entire song. Close your eyes. Let tears cleanse. ➡️ When We Fall Apart

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