Yesterday we made the 4 hour trip from Nashville to Memphis in the Motorhome. Trip went well on the drive. Light traffic and great traveling weather. Once we hit the park and pulled the Motorhome on site and started setting up – My Chemo decided to remind me that it still thinks it’s boss. Rough afternoon. Very rough. Tired. Drained. Feeling very out of it. But God provided enough strength and drive for me to get the coach set up. It was about 3 pm and I was wiped out. I laid down for an hour and drifted off to sleep (those that know me also know naps aren’t my thing). Refreshing. So much better upon awakening. Perfect – No. Back to normal – No. But so much better. Chemo will try – but Chemo will not ruin me. Not ruin our trip. I will adjust. I will rest when needed. Slow down when needed. Continually ask God for strength – Always. This is what I will deal with periodically. As I travel this path cancer has me on. But so much good. So much wonderful. To be out here with Debbie making memories. To have my boys keeping my business going so we can be out here. So much good. So many blessings. This too shall pass. But until then, I will fight. Viciously. With all I have. Bring it on Chemo. Bring it on.

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