My Blue Suede Shoes…

Yesterday. Finally. A life-long bucket list item. Finally crossed off. Big black line right through the middle of it. What is this – you ask. Graceland. Memphis, TN. Toured. Finally. Full VIP treatment. Done!!! Years of enjoying Elvis movies on Sunday afternoon while growing up. Years of enjoying a number of his hit songs. His bigger than life persona. Bucket list ✔️. So what did I learn? Lots. Some things I knew – more details discovered. Some things I didn’t – new info. One thing came home. Riches. Fame. Icon status. Those things can’t heal. Can’t take away struggles we face. From the outside looking in, we see things we want. Jump on our own private jet. Get off when it lands to 1,000s of adoring fans. Money to buy-anything-we-want. Anything. But the world’s measure of success leaves voids. Do you find it amazing that a world famous performer can sing in front of 30,000 screaming fans – and walk off stage feeling alone? I do AND I don’t. But it shows again and again – what doesn’t bring joy. What doesn’t bring peace. What doesn’t bring companionship. But…we actually know what does bring those things. For me – Jesus. My amazing wife Debbie. My children. My grandchildren. My “walk alongside” sister Sandi. My “friend closer than a brother” Mark. So many other amazing family. So many other close friends. I’ve said it before – and this likely won’t be the last time you’ll hear it emanating from my lips. My journey is better because of who walks with me. Who loves me. Who encourages me. My walk – of – fame is filled with names we know. Normal people. People that “rock my world”. Fame and fortune for me? Yes. But mine is in hearts. In love. In hugs. In tears. That “I’m praying for you today” text. Exactly what I want. Exactly what I need. Always.

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