Burrrrrrppppp – – Excuse me…

Yes. I burp. Frequently. Well, way more than frequently. Ask my wife. Chemo gas. The Chemo drugs disrupt the “bacterial flora (????) in your stomach, along with disrupting digestion – that means more gas. And – every single day I feel slightly sick to my stomach. Like I’m going to be really sick. Tomorrow. And usually, after Chemo – (every 3 weeks on a Thursday) – my Sunday and Monday is terrible. Weak. Tired. Feeling sick. Oh – and my bones are weak. Can and have fractured easily. And – my hair’s gone. Because when Chemo starting shedding it – I took control. I did it in my time. So, yes, things are happening. To me. Not fun. But. Bearable. Tolerable. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 10:13 from a different angle:

Temptation. Does it always mean. Wanting to steal. Wanting to cheat. Wanting to lie. Or – could temptation come in the form of something you think you can’t handle. Divorce. Sickness. The loss of someone dear to you. Financial catastrophe. Could something you can’t handle, “tempt” you to yell at God? Be angry at God? Curse God? To many people – possibly. But as I experience the side-effects of this powerful poison that’s been injected into my body. I know one thing. For sure. Anything Jesus allows me to experience – He knows I can tolerate it. Withstand the temptation to blame Him. Somedays you or I may feel it’s close. Real close. To being. More than we can handle. It’s not. I promise. Jesus loves us too much. For that. He will never take us there. Jesus doesn’t want us to fail. To give in. To give up.

And my wife is prepping for the burp contest!!

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