62 years…yesterday

September 9, 1961. David L. Matson & Rebecca A. Oyler stood in front of a minister in a small church in Indiana. On that day, they recited vows. Vows that many overlook when the going gets tough. David & Rebecca, my parents, remembered those vows as if they had declared them yesterday. They never forgot that promise to each other. And that promise to God. Had my father not gone home to Jesus this past January 12th, yesterday would have been 62 years. Yes 62. My father honored my mother. My father loved my mother. I never once heard my father berate, yell at or belittle my mother. If it happened, not sure it ever did, they kept it “behind closed doors”. I never heard a loud voice yell “then let’s just get divorced”. He made sure that the 5 children they raised never witnessed harshness between them. Again, not sure it even happened in private. My mother worked alongside as they raised 5 children. God was important in my parent’s house and church was a priority. They raised us with manners. They raised us to say Please and Thank you. They raised us to respect others. What I am today, is because 62 years ago – yesterday, two people deeply in love, read some memorized lines. But to them it didn’t stop there. The mutual goal was to imprint those vows on both hearts, and mean them – live them – honor them. My Dad set the gold standard, and my mother earned her place right beside him on that Gold Medal platform. Thank you Mom. Thank you Dad. Happy Anniversary. I will always and forever love you two!! ❤️❤️

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