Once upon a time…

How many want to live a “fairytale” life? Wow, hands shooting up everywhere. I have to keep my hand down. I’ve never really desired to live a life that felt “perfect”. “Fairytale” like. Nothing wrong. Ever. Always good. Does anyone remember the Jim Carrey movie “The Truman Show”. Fairytale life. Perfect. Everything. Weather was always just right. Everyone always smiled. Everyone. Everyone always happy. Well – maybe not. Because everything was fake. And everyone was in on it, except Jim Carey’s character – Truman. But Truman began to sense it wasn’t right. Something was wrong. Once he realized he’s in a fake world, he wants out. He wants to escape. Fake – fairytale worlds don’t work. We aren’t made that way. We are created to live the good. Live the bad. Live the ugly. Enjoy and celebrate the good. Learn from the bad. Endure and escape from the ugly. That’s how we are made. Without the bad. The ugly. Something would be missing. Improvement. Betterment. We learn and we improve us – because of the bad. Because of the ugly. We don’t need soft. We don’t need fairytale. We need the storms that will come. The storms that will make us better people when we reach the other side. So…what if we celebrated the storm. Really celebrated. Because we knew that after the storm we would be better. Would that thought. That attitude make the storm a little more bearable. A little more tolerable. Maybe a lot more. So try it. Next time. A storm. No complaining. Get through. Become better. Then – praise the storm. Yes, praise that it was here – now gone – and surviving it made us better. Try it. Next time. You’ll be a believer. Just Say No To Fairytale!!!

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