How’s your tomorrow looking? Schedule filling up already? Plenty to do? Sun-up to sun-down at 100 miles per hour. Rushing. Always rushing to get it all done. What if you know tomorrow was your last day. Or you only had 5 tomorrows left. Or even 10. Would your day be different? Would your priorities change? What’s important. What has to be done. Would anything you already have planned matter? Or would your day(s) be filled with different. What are some of the changes? Make sure I have lunch with….? Make sure I play some ball with…? Make sure I tell … I love them? Make sure. Make sure. Make sure. Now – would the things you do only be important because this might be you last day. Or should these things be important every day – but you don’t make time? What if we started living every day like it might be our last. Because, we don’t know, it might be. My Dr says I have 730-1460 days left, in his “medical statistics” estimation. But maybe I have 1. Maybe I have 501. Maybe I have 3,650. Maybe more. Maybe cancer doesn’t take my life, some other tragedy does. So how would I be different. What would I change. If I knew. Nicer? Sweeter? More generous? With my time? With my money? Sooo…. What’s stopping us. From being better. From being that person that we think we would be “at the end”. Let’s give it a shot. Today. Tomorrow. What do we have to lose?

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