My life will be perfect when…

What’s your list look like? To get you from here to perfect. Hearing your Dr. say “we don’t see it anymore”? Winning the lottery? A big big raise? Finally finding that “pot at the end of the rainbow”? My list? Oh the big “probably never happen list” has some or all of those and similar stuff on it. But my “yes it can happen list”? Spending more time with my wife. Building more memories with my kids. With my grandkids. More great times with friends. More great times with family. When life “gets real” what’s important to us can “get real” too. The idea of “perfect” often moves with our heart. When we focus on us – what does “perfect life” require? Is it those “me” things? Things that make my life better? Easier? More enjoyable? Then – with the left overs – I’ll touch others. After me. When we let our heart build that list – it’s different. That list usually contains things that touch others – first. Helping others. Building those eternal memories. Things that don’t tarnish. Things that don’t wither away. Or get old. Or boring. I want that. Next time you come to that fork. In the road to perfect life. Take the heart path. Take the path that builds. Relationships. Friendships. Memories. Those will outlast us. Those are forever. On your mark. Get set. Go make a lifetime of memories.

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