Miracle 2.0

As I mentioned in a post a short while ago, I was going to have the opportunity to meet Gary Miracle . (As a reminder about Gary’s story play the MercyMe video attached below).

Last night was the night. As Debbie and I wandered around the VIP area pre-concert, that my amazing friend Aaron Conrad made happen, Gary entered the room. Gary walked into the room. Artificial legs strapped on – walked in. As I approached, he was immediately engaging, I briefly told him my story and how his story was such an inspiration to me as I traveled my path.

Without hesitation, Gary lifted what remains of his arms – waved them – and said “come on in here” and gave me a hug. A big hug. A hug that said “I feel your pain and I’m here”. He asked me more details, I shared, then he asked me to text him my blog link.

A short while later, as we sat in our seats, Gary walked on stage. And Gary inspired. Gary made us laugh. Gary made us think. Gary caused a tear to form in the corner of our eye.

How Gary could trust God through what he went through – let’s us fully know we can trust God in what we are going through. What I am going through.

I lost my hair. Gary lost his limbs – all 4 limbs. I walk with some slight pain in my hips. Gary walks on two artificial legs.

And…..Gary continues to sing God’s praises. God’s love. God’s power to comfort. God’s desire to be right beside us, every single step of the way.

Gary’s journey is visible. He doesn’t go anywhere. Not one single place. That everyone he sees doesn’t know immediately – no hands – no legs. He used that truth to tell us “don’t hide what you’re going through. I can’t hide mine and you need to stop hiding yours too”. Someone will help. Always. So be real. Cancer for me. Whatever it is for you. Health concerns. Relationship concerns. Addiction concerns. Anything. Share with someone. There is someone out there you need. To help you. In your journey.

Gary shared. Gary inspired. Now it’s up to us. What will I do? What will you do.


Say I Won’t – MercyMe

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