Give and take….

How many could be like Job? Everything. Everything. Taken away. Gone. Riches – gone. Family – gone. Health – gone. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Most of us have one thing. One thing that would take us over the edge. One thing I won’t give up. Maybe I think I can’t give up. “Everything but this”. Or maybe more. “Everything else – except these things”.

Maybe it’s a possession. Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a vice. Something you shouldn’t be doing anyway. But giving it up would be too much. Yell at God too much.

Why? What if Jesus knocked on your front door. And asked you to give it up – for Him. Would you then. Still too important? So instead of asking He just takes it. How mad. How angry. How upset would you be?

Have you ever lost something that you’d thought you could never live without? Probably, most of us have. And what happened? You made it. You survived. Maybe you even became better when it was gone.

So next time something is taken, lost, gone. Whatever it is. Ask. Why. And then look to be better for it.

My health. That’s mine. Taken. Health gone. Cancer here. What now?

I’ll tell you what now! I have met incredible people – because of it. I’ve had the opportunity to impact a lot of people – because of it. I’ve had people impact my life – because of it. So although cancer, in and of itself, isn’t “good”. Good has come of it. Good has come because of it. Why? Because – my people – friends, family, Debbie – help me stay where I need to be. Then God turns bad into good. So next time. Or now, if you’re in the midst. Look. Find. Put into action. The good that you’re bad is meant for. I can tell you, from my experience, it makes it a whole lot better. A whole lot.

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