Don’t let…

Picture I saw. On Facebook, I believe. How many of us are this. Our day is bad – maybe really bad – so we quickly blow it up to “my life is terrible”. “my life sucks”. Whatever. We know that is wrong. Don’t we? But we still fall into it. Sometimes. Maybe every time. Why. Why do we do it. Does it make today seem better if we make just a small piece of a big horrible life? Or is it pity? Self-pity.

Whatever the reason. Whatever the “why” we do it. Let’s stop. I’ll stop if you do. Let’s quit making a bad minute. A bad day. Even a bad week. Bigger. Let’s focus on the reverse idea. How about this. “I’m having a bad day in the middle of a great life”. Sound good? Sounds great to me!!

What we focus on. What we think about. We become. If we think our life is bad. Terrible. Sucks. It will – soon – very soon. And we really don’t want that. Do we? I’ve had some bad days lately. Some really bad days. But guess what. I like my life. I have a great life. So I won’t. No – I won’t. Let the small part of my life take down the big part of my life.

Let’s do this. Together. Make the bad day the small thing it is, while we stay thankful that the big part of our life is. Good. Great. Amazing.


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